Sunday, March 20, 2016

Book Review: Split Second by David Baldacci

I was curious about David Baldacci's work because after all he is a bestseller. Nearly every book he publishes hits the top ten list so I wanted to find out what all the hype was about. I read this book off and on throughout two months reading the short chapters or segments as I followed along with Sean King and Michelle Maxwell as they sought to discover the mystery of dual attacks on politicians separated by over a decade yet some how connected.

I liked the mystery and the suggest connection and could not see solve the case as I read it along. I can totally understand how readers who are not particular about their characters and plot can enjoy a mystery like this one. I found some parts of it interesting though I wouldn't dedicate too much time to a close reading of it to see if the prose actually makes sense.

I found Baldacci's pacing enjoyable and it seemed like every chapter had a purpose and helped to ratchet up the plot and mystery. I found the characters bland and even Sean King who had failed at his cherished job as a Secret Service agent long ago seemed to get off to easy from his failure.

There were moments at the end that came off as absurd with the cliche of the pause to explain all of the mystery. I think that it is interesting that Baldacci set this up to become a series. I'm not sure if I'll have the reading time to ever pick up the second book but I would be curious to see what fans think.

If you are a fan of the mindless thrillers with a mystery that is clearly explained, then I would recommend this book, not that it needs the extra promotion. I'm always curious about what books sell and why they do so. I think it says a lot about readers than it does about the work. 

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