Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Movie Review: Batman Begins

The first of what is now known as the Dark Knight trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan sought to reboot the franchise that had already had four movies before it. There was a marked difference in this franchise as other superhero franchises were starting up but this story was taking more of a realistic, dark, and gritty approach to the comic book character. 

Christian Bale played Bruce Wayne as he grows into the Dark Knight. The story is told through flashbacks with a young Bruce Wayne played by Gus Lewis. The parts in the past were slow but they were separated by the training Bruce goes through under Liam Neeson's Ducard. I thought the training was interesting and set up the hallucinogenic chemical that would be used in later acts.

Wayne returns from the dead and all the back story is filled in to let us know there are gangsters running rampant in Gotham city. Gary Oldman plays Jim Gordon, only a sergeant here, who is enlisted by Batman to help root out the corrupt cops. I liked Gordon's progression starting out in this one. I also like Tom Wilkinson as the mob boss Carmine Falcone and Cillian Murphy as the Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane.

The action was filmed with a lot of cuts so it was never easy to see what was going on but it created the mystery that Batman could be anywhere at once and pop out of the shadows from off screen. I did like the finale though the casting of Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes was a drawback. This choice was remedied in the sequel. Michael Caine was brilliant as Alfred as he is in most movies.

This movie set off of the best presentation of Batman so far in film and it will be hard to match that with this new iteration. Christian Bale was the fourth actor to play it and he will be replaced by Ben Affleck in the new one. The review don't look great for Batman v Superman and I don't think it will match any film in this trilogy. 

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