Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TV Premiere: Vinyl

Martin Scorsese, Terence Winter, and Mick Jagger create a show starring Bobby Cannavale, I'm in. The first episode took a little to get going but I think this show will turn out to be another fun ride for HBO. 

The premise is that a down on his luck record producer Richie Finestra played by Cannavale is about to lose his company if he doesn't find the next big thing. He scours the underground of the New York rock scene to find what he's looking for. Cannavale brings his brilliant acting to the role and charms right off the bat. 

The voiceover tries to explain but the plot remains a bit confusing and the characters are still being introduced so it's hard to gauge who will stick around or just be in this episode. In this binge watching era, it's hard to judge a show from the pilot.

Plenty of familiar faces show up. One of the most exciting to see in a drama is Ray Romano as Finestra's partner Zak Yankovich. His role is small in the pilot but I think he'll be an enjoyable character to watch. Olivia Wilde plays Finestra's wife who is at home with the kids while the record producer goes to orgies, flies on planes, and survives stage collapses.

The show hops around but the drama has been setup nicely in this first episode. There will be a lot to look forward to this show, and HBO hardly ever disappoints. This was a great start to HBO's year!

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