Monday, February 22, 2016

TV Show Review: X-Files (Season 10)

X-Files returned with much fanfare. It brought back a an older Mulder and Scully to investigate a brand new set of mysteries promising some sort of closure for a series that extend back several decades. The return was a bit of a hit or miss with some episodes capturing the old magic while others made no sense as stories.

The first episode brought Mulder back into his conspiracy furor with Joel McHale as a talk show host who stumbles on an alien secret. This new conspiracy also drags Scully back into the mystery though she retains her skepticism. Of course her doubts have been shaken through years of unexplained experience. The dynamic between the two characters was still there if only the plots could have done them justice.

The plots returned to their formulaic and episodic way with each episode confronting some new unexplained mystery. Mulder was quick to believe and Scully doubted. The writers didn't seem to want to change much from that. There was a comedic episode in the middle that I found amusing but some of the others were just absurd.

The last episode promised to wrap things up with a new header at the end of the opening credits. An apocalyptic scenario started to play out but in the end, after all the anti-vaccine and oddly Islamophobic plots, the end dropped with a disappointing cliffhanger. I don't know if this means there will be another season but if this is the end it went out with a whimper. They must have wasted most of their budget on the special effects in the first episode because it got progressively worse. 

The X-Files has a great legacy and this return won't ruin anything but it would be nice if they had a great set of episodes in the future. 


  1. Where and when can the new x-files be seen??

    1. It was on FOX Monday at 8pm but now can be seen On Demand