Monday, February 22, 2016

TV Show Review: Love (Season 1)

Netflix released a new romantic comedy created by the prolific Judd Apatow about two thirty-somethings in Los Angeles. The show followed two characters as they ended their relationships and started one with each other. 

The show stars Gillian Jacobs, from Community and a role in Girls, as Mickey, a radio worker and Paul Rust as a tutor to a child star on a fictional with show. Rust is another creator on the show. Rust and Jacobs meet up though there are some awkward moments throughout. A lot of the comedy is laugh out loud and Jacobs is identifiable as a struggling single woman.

The show explores the travails of finding a relationship in the modern age as young people grow into their careers and lives. The show also highlights some interesting parts of show business taking place a lot on a studio set of the witch show. Rust's character aspires to be a writer on the show and eventually gets a chance but his awkward nature prevails.

The supporting cast is decent with Apatow's own daughter playing the child actor. Claudia O'Doherty is funny as Mickey's roommate. The show boasts a lot of new actors in the mix. 

I would recommend this show for those looking for a quick show to binge in the romantic comedy drama. It has a lot of funny moments and is only thirty minutes an episode for a ten episode season. 

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