Sunday, February 7, 2016

TV Show Review: Ash vs Evil Dead

Just found one of my new favorite shows with a Starz subscription. If only I had this channel last year, I would have put this show in the top ten easily. The violence is completely fucked, and I loved it! The gore has no limits in this show, from impalement to decapitations to brutal destruction of deadites and victims. 

Bruce Campbell reprises his role as Ash, the man who once survived a terrible incident at a cabin, now is much older, a drunk, and has a ton of funny one-liners to throw out.

Ash is accompanied by some great new characters. Pablo played by Ray Santiago works at the same store where Ash works in housewares. Pablo is a hilarious character as well and his chemistry with Kelly played by Dana DeLorenzo is undeniable. Both of these characters serve as funny and awesome sidekicks in the fight against evil.

The demons and special effects are ridiculously scary and great to watch. The demonic possessions mimic the old classic with some update abilities. Ash's hand also get some new editions but fans will be happy to see him still sporting the chainsaw hand and the sawed-off he's used in the trilogy. 

The plot is fast paced and the thirty minute episodes speed by making the whole season seem too short but a quick, fun watch for anyone short on time. The campiness is back so when their are obvious turns or random offshoots into violence, a viewer is already prone to expect this occurrences. 

Other supporting cast members have some memorable characters too, from Lucy Lawless as Ruby, a woman in pursuit of Ash who seems to have particular knowledge of the evil to Jill Marie Jones as Amanda Fisher a cop also in pursuit of Ash after an encounter with evil.

Sam Riami returns to direct the first episode and it continues a lot in the tradition of the first film. The plot doesn't seem to include the sequel or Army of Darkness but as the seasons continue it seems to explore its own lore. I am really looking forward to this show coming back in 2016!

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