Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50

The NFL season is at an end and the Denver Broncos triumphed over the Carolina Panthers with a score of 24-10. I was surprised at the performance of Cam Newton and the Panthers' offense against the Denver defense but I guess the signs were there before.
Peyton Manning didn't win the Most Valuable Player award but he did win his second Super Bowl of his career after his victory nine years ago in Super Bowl XLI. Von Miller took home the award for his impressive defensive play.

The Panthers had one strong drive but with too many turnovers, a missed field goal and no momentum, they couldn't put together enough to stop the Broncos. 

Though the game wasn't as exciting as the previous year, it was a decent competition. The Broncos certainly put up a better showing than they did in Super Bowl XLVIII against the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle almost returned again this year if they hadn't bombed in the first half against the Panthers. 

Not only the game was full of excitement, but there were plenty of interesting commercials throughout. Once again, I had a fun time watching and analyzing the great physical competition and I am already looking forward to next year! 

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