Saturday, February 20, 2016

Politics: Republican South Carolina Primary

South Carolina has chosen their Republican nominee for president in 2016. The primary winner was Donald Trump who braggadocio and crude behavior keeps him well ahead of the pack. Marco Rubio is second but down at ten percent lower than Trump's turnout but Ted Cruz is right behind him with only a few thousand votes making the difference. Jeb Bush dropped out after his fourth place finish and the two lowest performers John Kasich and Ben Carson continue to plod on with determination.

Trump hit on all of his main points during his victory speech reasserting his claim to build a wall on the Mexican border and take on China. Trump promises to continue on to Nevada but the Southern states look to be a welcome place for his campaign. His lead is strong and it is hard to see anyone defeating him as the campaign goes on.

Cruz and Rubio have an interesting battle going on and they have only really attacked each other over their Spanish speaking skills but that battle will be interesting. Cruz has taken on Trump but Rubio so far has stayed away from a direct attack. There is a debate next week and that should reveal the strategy of these two second place candidates. Still Rubio is without a win, and Cruz can tout his Iowa victory as he pushes further.

Bush's dropping out was expected perhaps not this early but his campaign had stumbled and fallen. His attack on Trump may deter other candidates from taking him on since it only hurt Bush and didn't take anything away from Trump. Bush did not endorse anyone yet but I predict he will pick his fellow Florida politician Marco Rubio. Rubio has clearly shown his desire to get that endorsement with his victory speech proclaiming his admiration for his opponent. 

The bottom tow candidates are holding on for Vice Presidential picks. I don't see Kasich rallying much more support and Carson supporters cannot be happy with another finish at the bottom of the line. 

The race now involve three top tier candidates with Trump at the head of the pack. It is hard to bet against Trump but Rubio and Cruz both hold out hope of their campaigns pulling ahead. I look forward to a tough competition as we get further into the political process!

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