Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Politics: Republican Nevada Caucus

The Republicans of Nevada have decided and voted nearly fifty percent for Donald Trump. That it was actually 46% give hope to the remaining establishment candidates mainly Marco Rubio but I guess John Kasich could be thrown in there. I couldn't stay up late to watch the results come in or the speeches afterwards but from the morning news I saw that Rubio had shifted his attacks from Ted Cruz, who cam in third, to Trump in the lead.

Ben Carson is a footnote in this campaign now. He won't gain much more attention and will likely drop out after next Tuesday's big vote. John Kasich also performed low but hopes to rally back with his home state of Ohio, though Trump is polling well there as well.

This victory gives Trump the momentum as Super Tuesday is only a week away. Ted Cruz can still claim that he is the only one to have beaten Trump after his win in Iowa and he also has his home state of Texas coming up on Tuesday. Cruz has not had the support of the establishment but I can't see him dropping out even if he doesn't perform. I think he could take Texas and that will encourage him to push forward.

Rubio is the candidate that the establishment will rally around and his home state of Florida will be in the following week after Super Tuesday. Rubio will be the most likely candidate to continue to the end but I don't see him putting up a strong enough fight against Trump.

The narrative of a three candidate race has taken over prior to Nevada but now the pundits are showing how Trump will take the nomination. The race starts to clear up but only opens up a new set of interesting scenarios as the front runners in both parties start turning towards the main campaign. There is a debate tomorrow night so I'll check into the political game one more time before a big Super Tuesday post new week. The campaign has been one of the most interesting and exciting in my lifetime!

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