Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Politics: New Hampshire Primary

The results from the first primary of the election (and second state to vote) are over halfway in and for us political junkies, the third place spot on the Republican side is something to watch and I would come back into this post to update it but since there is a debate on Thursday, I can update my sparse readership then on to who takes third place.

At the moment, Ted Cruz has taken the third place spot in New Hampshire. He has stated that he is looking towards South Carolina later this month as his next win but his triumph over Bush, Rubio and all the others further his momentum. Marco Rubio's plummet is remarkable after the terrible debate performance and he will have to come back strong to make up for the loss.

John Kasich is the biggest winner of the night with a second place finish. Kasich barely had name recognition and was able to give a victory speech even though he didn't totally take the state. It will be interesting to see if he can cash in on this win and continue further into the election.

Donald Trump was the actual winner of the state and this was long predicted so doesn't come as a huge surprise. Trump came out triumphant and tried to stretch the meaning of this small states choice. Trump has been polling at other place but he will have to follow through on his promise to win South Carolina next.

I wonder if Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson will stick around for the next round.

On the democratic side, Bernie Sanders followed through on his predicted victory over Hillary Clinton with an over twenty percent voter count. Clinton is already moving forward hoping that South Carolina will help her regain her composure and take her to her inevitable victory. Sanders stretched out his speech and has started to receive attacks from the other side. He will try to make this win bigger and stretch it into a close win in South Carolina. 

As I mentioned, there are several debates coming up so I will save my predictions for the next two posts coming later this week. A lot of excitement with the shakeup in votes so I will be looking forward to the progress of this election!

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