Saturday, February 27, 2016

Politics: Democratic South Carolina Primary

The South Carolina democrats have spoken loudly and put their strong support behind Hillary Clinton who won nearly three-fourths of the voters in the primary for a strong victory over Bernie Sanders.

Clinton has gained momentum with Nevada and this victory right before Super Tuesday. Her speech shows that her eyes have turned to the general election as she has spotted Donald Trump as her main Republican candidate. Clinton did not win this state in 2008 when she went up against President Obama so this signals a strong change for her campaign this election. 

The results aren't shocking as Bernie Sanders wasn't even in the state to give a concession speech. Bernie Sanders turns his attention to northern states. Sanders campaigned a lot on momentum but unable to come through in Nevada then performing so weakly will certainly hurt his campaign going forward. Sander made changes to the rhetoric and did not make it easy for Secretary Clinton but the Senator from Vermont will only hold out because he has so much money to spend. 

Super Tuesday may contain some surprises but certainly looks to be a Clinton vs. Trump general election. Both candidates have established their dominance in both parties with strong support through the early states. Their momentum should continue into the perspective conventions in the summer. It will be a very interesting race going forward!

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