Thursday, February 11, 2016

Politics: Democratic Presidential Debate #6

The long campaign season has only just started voting but the exhaustion can be seen on both of the Democratic candidates' faces but their fight has grown more heated. With only two candidates on the stage, they have a lot more time to speak than their opponents on the other side. The candidates met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the debate was televised on on PBS and CNN.

The issues ranged from a short foreign policy segment to healthcare to the legacy of President Obama to Wall Street and other big business donors. Bernie Sanders continued to point out Hillary Clinton's donations from Wall Street and big banks while Clinton tried to distance herself and claim that Bernie's promises were outlandish and impossible.

Clinton has initiated her appeal to Sanders's supporters since she doesn't want to find herself at the Democratic National Convention without his massive support. Sanders has initiated his outreach to minority communities, and race was an issue throughout the questions.

The first part of the debate was a lot of rehash talking points that have been heard in the last five debates. The most interesting moment was when they disagreed on whether Bernie Sanders supported Obama and if he would change what was accomplished in the last eight years. Clinton tried to include herself with Obama's accomplishments but Sanders pointed out that she was the only one to run against him. Clinton did not let up on her foreign policy experience and Sanders's lack thereof. 

There were not many moments that will be remembered for long. The hosts tried to corner Clinton a few time but she is a savvy enough politician not to get caught with any major gaffes or mistakes. Sanders pointed out that Clinton's campaign is not inevitable as the narrative has been in both her elections. The historic nature of this election cannot be denied and either candidate would bring a great change to the head of the United States.

The Democrats have a long race ahead with plenty of primaries and caucuses to decide the final victor. These two candidates will become very familiar to those paying attention to this race as much as I have but it will take more than their talking points to sway an undecided voter. The next votes will be cast in a Nevada Caucus on February 20th and the results will determine who continues gaining momentum and gains delegates. South Carolina awaits after that a few days later. 

On the other side, both Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie have dropped out of the Republican debate. I haven't heard if they have endorsed anyone yet. The race goes on!

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