Saturday, February 20, 2016

Politics: Democratic Nevada Caucus

The close battle in Nevada has been decided by nearly five percent in the caucus between Bernie Sander and Hillary Clinton. Clinton won the state with a constant presence last week in the casinos. The betting odds are with Hillary but Sanders supporters could take heart from a dramatic increase in this state. 

Sander's momentum could not carry him to a win in the state and Clinton will continue to push this triumph as a new surge in her support as the Democrats turn their attention to South Caroline where the Republicans are currently holding a vote. 

Clinton uses the doubt and close lose to show that she will fight no matter the odds against. She is really working the underdog push even though she is the predicted winner of most of these competitions. The one loss in Nevada had her on her heels but I think with this victory she will move boldly forward and take South Carolina. 

Hillary works to humanize herself and gain the Latino voters support by holding a girl afraid of her parents' impending deportation. Clinton did not fail to waste this photogenic moment. She also repeated her message that she found successful in the debate off her multi-issue approach to politics as opposed to Bernie's one-note push against Wall Street and inside money. She reached out specifically to women, victims of racial discriminations, and the youth vote that she has not yet been able to conjure.

Sanders's concession speech won't garner as much press as Clinton's victory speech with the Republicans dominating the nightly news hours. He will not give up on his relentless positivity and hopes to turn the close loss into a moral victory as he did in Iowa. He did not fail to repeat his token issue of campaign finance and the grassroots nature of his support. 

Up next is South Carolina in a week then the giant vote of Super Tuesday. I predict Hillary Clinton will get another win in SC and continue to dominate in Super Tuesday but I recall her momentum eight years ago and that didn't work out. I look forward to the political competition heating up in the next few weeks!

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