Friday, February 12, 2016

Movie Review: How to Be Single

The anti-romantic comedy had some funny moments thanks to the quirky humor of Rebel Wilson and a solid supporting cast. Marketed as the movie for lonely ladies to compete against the boy's superhero movie this weekend, the story is short on plot but packed full of awkward moments and punchlines.

The movie revolves around four women and their attempts to date in New York city, a remarkably original idea. The travails of dating are shown with similarity but the message here is that a woman doesn't have to have a man to be happy. Dakota Johnson is the main character Alice who is taking a hiatus from her college boyfriend. Alice meets Robin played by Rebel Wilson who is the life of the party, and the film. Most of the humor comes from Rebel's one liners and her drunken behavior. Wilson should get credit for carrying this movie.

Leslie Mann is Alice's sister Meg who is a career oriented obstetrician to busy for a relationship. The mixed message here is that a woman can't dedicate herself to her work because she ends up meeting Jake Lacy's Ken after she has received IVF for a pregnancy. The fourth character Alison Brie has initiated an online dating algorithm but has to use the bar's wi-fi and strikes up a flirtatious relationship with the bartender played by Workaholics Anders Holm.

The movie has some strange moments and feels a bit drawn out. There were some interesting cameos from Damon Wayans Jr. and Jason Mantzoukas but really nothing too special. It hits the typical notes but doesn't approach any new ground. Rebel Wilson's performance was only thing of note. This movie is just a substitute for the superhero film taking advantage of the lonely women with nothing else to do on Valentine's day. 

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