Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Book Review: Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey

Wool is a great book, I enjoyed every chapter of it and kept coming back with joy seeing what mystery lay ahead. The omnibus is actually a collection of five shorter stories but they definitely leave off with cliffhangers that keep me turning, or rather clicking over, pages. 

I read somewhere that this book was a product of National Novel Writing Month but there are also a lot of other cool rumors about this book like how the author self-published and it became a huge hit off of word of mouth. There is a reason this book has become so popular and that is because it is extraordinarily entertaining.

I'll try not to write too many spoilers for this but if you haven't read the book I would highly recommend going and picking up a copy then coming back and reading this review. The book is set in an apocalyptic wasteland, which happens to be one of my favorite settings for stories but the twist here is that everyone still alive is underground in a Silo. 

The characters are immediately gripping from Holston to Jaynes to Marnes, and especially Juliette and Lukas. Howey does such a great job introducing these characters in stages while also giving readers just enough information to keep going. The dynamic in the Silo feels so real and all of these characters have a vivid history that seems so real and contributes to the overall mystery.

If you like mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, or just a really good story, I would recommend you pick up this book. There are two more in the series that I am so excited to pick up to see how the story continues on. I am also thrilled to check out more from Hugh Howey since he is an extraordinary writer!

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