Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beer Review: Shock Top Belgian White

I'm a sucker for clever and prevalent advertising and Shock Top tipped the scales with their goofy talking orange. The beer has a smooth wheat taste right off the bat with a pleasant orange tangy taste to follow. The aftertaste is almost nonexistent. I garnished a few of these with an orange to enhance the flavors and it worked out wonderfully.

At 5.20% ABV, this Anheuser-Busch beer will take more than a few to feel it. The wheat taste makes it easy to consume and drinking more than one is not a task. The taste is complimentary to plenty of types of food so it isn't strong. I think many drinkers will find this brew bland and cheap but my tastes aren't quite so refined.

I did find the ads a bit obnoxious but they worked to bring me into the store and test it out. I don't see myself picking this beer up again after this initial six-pack to review. The beer is popular and can be found in most stores and gas stations. I think Anheuser is attempting to push this brew as something new to go along with their main stock. 

I can't imagine the hangover being terrible but I didn't try enough to feel terrible. I think casual drinkers could find enjoyment in this and it shouldn't hurt the wallet too much. The beer does have a refreshing essence as well. I couldn't taste the lemon.

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