Saturday, February 20, 2016

Beer Review: Rhinegeist Truth IPA

This rich hoppy happy pine-tasting IPA goes great with steak sandwiches and takes about three to get you going though two might suit a more casual drinker. The ABS is just above seven percent and tastes delicious if you like a lot of hops. The medley of citrus and peach work well with the pine for a smooth taste.

The aftertaste lingers for a short time making it extra tasty with meals. From the Cincinnati brewery Rhinegeist with about ten different beers, this Truth seems to be the most popular and pervasive on the beer aisle.  

The color is a nice amber brown with a small amount of head. I drank this beer straight from the can, which is the way this beer predominantly appears. This beer goes down nicely and after the first few sips, I found it easy to drink. I would definitely pick this one up again when in need of a solid IPA.

The ratings is high with this one and if a drinker is looking for a variety in their IPA, they can't go wrong with this midwest brew. The logo on the front is very cool and I plan on testing out plenty more of their types. All of these cans look great!

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