Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beer Review: Goose Island IPA

Goose Island IPA has a sweeter hoppy taste than most IPA beers I've had before. At 5.90% ABV, it will take possibly four to start feeling the drink but it is a nice beer to sit out in the warming weather and enjoy. The IPA goes well with most foods that compliment the taste of hops. 

A lot of drinkers have felt disappointed with this beer and some outright dislike it so, I might not pick this one up. Except I just did. I was at the gas station craving a hoppy IPA and couldn't find the local brewery's selection. I enjoyed the bitter taste though the aftertaste lingered long after. Upon my first sips this second time around, I don't get that aftertaste, oh wait, there it is, just had to wait. I guess that is what I meant by it lingering. I couldn't pick up any of the other flavors that are mixed in. The bitterness and hops overpower anything else. I have to agree with this taste but this time, I'm a bit more pleased with the flavor since I was craving an IPA taste.

I have heard this beer described a just about average or above and I think it is right around there too. Goose Island has some other delicious beer. I once visited the brewery in Chicago and picked up a growler of a beer on tap though I can't remember what beer that was. I look forward to trying other types of beers that Goose Island produces but this one seems to be the most popular. I do not see anything else they have to offer very often since I'm stuck in a small city that doesn't ship in some beers. I'll post more about this beer once I drink some more of it later. 

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