Thursday, January 28, 2016

Republican Presidential Debate #7

The finale debate before the Iowa caucus next Monday sans Donald Trump was quite a snoozer and not because I was just tired. I'll be looking into the numbers to see how the ratings compare to Donald Trump's impromptu rally to raise money to support the troops, or whatever it was really for. I can't really  know what is going on in this campaign but I can interpret as much as I can from the media.

The fireworks were simply not there as if all of these candidates have decided to get together and not attack each other. There were a few attacks back and forth, mostly against Rubio who seems to get bullied as the most viable candidate on the stage. Cruz is on the way down once he loses the votes in some of the more liberal states unless he can swing some momentum from an Iowa win. 

Trump successfully drew the attention away much to ire of the hosts and Fox News all together Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio clashed a little. Bush still looks like he's coming from behind and feels very upset about it. 

Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Ben Carson did not do much to improve their positions from behind. None of the campaigns made a statement that will sway voters one way or another. A lot of the candidates sought to just not cause damage to their campaigns. Ted Cruz and Rubio both suffered a little from the extra combative debate while Trump was allowed to talk in his own speech.

The first votes come in on Monday. Candidates like Kasich, Santorum, and Huckabee will most likely dropout soon if they don't gain any sort of following in Iowa. I think Fiorina will try a bit longer as well before dropping out. The biggest face-off will be between Trump and Cruz as they are both in the lead at the moment. I look forward to seeing who can capitalize in Iowa and gain momentum to move forward to New Hampshire. 

I will hopefully write another political blog after the Iowa Caucus analyzing the results from both parties so stay tuned for more analysis. My predictions are a Donald Trump win with Ted Cruz in second. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush will be three in four. 

For the Democrats, I think Hilary Clinton will win but Bernie Sanders will come in a close second, which can be spun as a victory since he has come from so far behind. I would like to think that Sanders still has a chance to win but from my media bias, he seems to have been counted out. The votes will determine it all!

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