Friday, January 15, 2016

Republican Presidential Debate #6

With the upcoming Primary in Iowa, the Republican Presidential Debate took on a more serious tone last night. Responding with fear and cynicism to Obama's State of the Union, each candidate took their shots at the current head of state. I didn't have time to watch the undercard debate but think it was interesting that Rand Paul skipped it. Fox Business hosted this debate with a right wing bias and allowed some outlandish statements to slide. 

Donald Trump still sits at the top of the polls and looks like the likely winner come February in Iowa. He continued to retain his lead with sober statements and attacks of his closest competitor Ted Cruz.

Cruz is starting to show cracks getting beaten down by Trump and thinking he can win the presidency by insulting an entire state. The nonissue of his birth took a lot of time that wasn't necessary but all of that detracts from his momentum. He took shots up at Trump but also battled against Marco Rubio who still poses a threat.

Rubio didn't not shine quite as much as he had in the past and recent revelations and attacks have knocked him back. I think he's waiting for later states to make his move so as long as he doesn't cause much damage, he should stay in the running.

Jeb Bush is struggling and didn't come off as strong as he did in debate five, a forgettable performance that won't help him as we moved closer to voting.

Chris Christie is struggling, and it looks more and more like he should have ran last term before he shut down the bridges in New Jersey. He took a hard stance but voters won't turn to him. 

Ben Carson has dropped down. He complains about his lack of questions but his answers often come off as incoherent. 

Jon Kasich runs for Vice President. Trump showed some approval, which would be an interesting matchup for the conservative party. 

America has an interesting decision this November but first there is the long primary season, which should make for some very interesting blog posts. We are down to only seven candidates for the main event. I will try to keep up with the developments as the statements get more outrageous and contentious. February will bring some very interesting primaries and start to see candidates falling off as they don't put up actual numbers. I'm sure there are still plenty of surprises in store!

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