Monday, January 4, 2016

NFL Week 17

The final week of professional football is over, and the playoff picture has finally been created. There were some surprises in store and some things worked out as expected. 

One surprise was the final game for the NFC North Champions between the Minnesota Viking and the Green Bay Packers. The Vikings did not have the best start to the season but with a win last night, they have pulled ahead of the Packers.
Next Sunday, Minnesota will take on the Seattle Seahawks in Minnesota. I predict the Seahawks win because though they haven't looking strong this season they are still the team that has been to the Super Bowl two years in a row. 

The Green Bay Packers lost but still make it as the fifth team in the Wild Card slot. They will got Washington D. C. to face the Redskins, who I am still surprised won that division though it was one of the weakest divisions this year. I think Green Bay takes this one.

The two byes in the NFC go to the one loss (Go Falcons!) Carolina Panthers in first and the second place Arizona Cardinals. Who plays who is still up to who wins the first round of games. Panthers won't play the Vikings first and the Cardinals won't play the Seahawks first. Lucky for the Cardinals who lost to the Seahawks in their last game thought they may not have been playing at full capacity since they were already a lock for a bye.

The AFC was a bit trickier with some things still undecided including who would lead the AFC South. The Houston Texans won against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts lost to the Tennessee Titans so the Texans go on to the playoffs.

The Texans will play the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday. I predict a Chiefs win but this will be a good game.

The other team I root for is the Cincinnati Bengals who have had a rough time without their starting quarterback Andy Dalton, who may or may not play in the playoffs. They had a decent record but still go to third place to play their rival the Pittsburgh Steelers. A rough match, I'm rooting for the Bengals but it would be hard to bet against the Steelers.

The two teams that moved ahead for the bye week were the first place Denver Broncos who are also operating off a backup quarterback and the controversial New England Patriots. I'm excited to watch some playoff football!

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