Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sports: NFL (NFC Wild Card)

The Wild Card round continues with the NFC edition. The first game between the Minnesota Vikings and the visiting Seattle Seahawks was a heartbreaker for the cold town up north. The Vikings had the weather on their side and a stellar running back returning from a season of suspension but none of this could help defeat the Seahawks with Russell Wilson and their great defense. The Viking led through most of the game but ultimately it came down to a field goal and the Vikings kicker Walsh missed in the last few second. Baldwin had some great catches, and Seattle proves again that they are a contender.
The Seahawks will go on to face the Carolina Panthers as a visiting team since they are the lowest seed. The Panthers had an amazing season but it is damn hard to count out the resilient Seahawks.

The second game appeared competitive at first. The poorly named Washing Redskins started off strong at first sacking the Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers for a safety then almost scoring a touchdown but getting stopped at the goal line. The Packers kept it up and took off in the end of the third quarter and the fourth to go on to win handily by seventeen points. 

The Packers will face the Cardinals. Arizona looks good but I am leaning towards the Packers. I think another Seahawks vs. Green Bay NFC Championship but then I haven't seen the Cardinals in action so I am not committed to this pick.

I was almost perfect in my picks except I was leaning towards the Bengals as a fan. I hadn't counted out the Steelers and I still think they might make it past the Broncos. I am excited to watch the divisional round next week!

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