Monday, January 25, 2016

NFL NFC Championship

Not much to say about this blowout and most everyone is already looking towards the big game in less than two weeks but I thought I would revisit it this morning before we totally forget the Arizona Cardinals and their failure to the history books. The Carolina Panthers dominated from the start. 
I'm pretty satisfied to say that I was right about my picks this weekend though I've been totally wrong for most of the season so maybe next year I will gain some credibility in this department. It has been fun blogging about football, more fun than I think politics will be as that starts up soon. Anyways, the game was pretty one-sided and the Panthers look like a great opponent to take on the Denver Broncos. The most exciting part will be Cam Newton taking on the Denver defense. 

The Cardinal had a whopping 4 turnovers and that was just when I stopped paying attention. The Panthers dominate on both sides of the ball so it will be hard for the Broncos to take them on throughout the game. The biggest weakness was shown in the Panthers second half of the previous game but this game they seemed to have it under control. I predict a Panthers win in Super Bowl 50!

As football comes to an end, I will make a difficult transition towards basketball. It's difficult because there aren't any set of games I can analyze all at once. My first attempt should appear in a January summary and then I'll do a monthly run before taking on March Madness then preparing for the NBA playoffs. But I get ahead of myself. There is still a great game to watch February 7th! I hope it's not a blowout like the last time the Broncos made it to the big game.  

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