Monday, January 18, 2016

NFL Divisional Playoff Round

As the season near its end, the games more and more competitive and exciting. At least I hope they do. The stake rise, the talents exudes the regular season matches. Some years a team dominates but many years each team has a flaw that others can exploit.

First off the Kansas City Chiefs progressed past the Wild Card to face off against the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. The Chiefs won handily against the Texans but facing a giant of the playoffs in Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck proved more difficult. The Chiefs fell by a touchdown but never really had a chance. Patriots moved on to seek another Super Bowl in the AFC Championship.
The second Saturday game proved more of a competition. The Arizona Cardinals have faced their doubters this season including myself and I thought the Packers would take the win. The game had so many insane plays from multiple Hail Marys from Aaron Rodgers to tipped balls in the end zone to amazing connection between Fitzgerald and Palmer. The Cardinals triumphed through all the excitement to head to the NFC Championship.
I settled down Sunday for some football watching to find an awesome matchup turns into a blowout in the first few minutes. The Carolina Panthers smashed the Seattle Seahawks in the face on offense breaking away with big runs and then got an interception returned for a touchdown on their defense. The Panthers looked unstoppable in the first half but somehow that effort exhausted them. The Seahawks are the one team not to count out and they steadily mounted a comeback. They didn't have enough to overcome the lead so the Panthers continue to face the Cardinals next Sunday right before the premiere of X-files on one of my favorite days of the year.
The final game of the night included two powerhouses of the NFL and I though this one the most likely upset of the bunch. The Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers battled in Denver exchanging field goals and touchdowns. Roethlisberger was injured from his Wild Card match against the Bengals but still performed better than Manning. The Broncos go on to face their nemesis the Patriots in a rematch for the ages in the AFC Championship.
I predict the Broncos over the Patriots and the Panthers over the Cardinals. Playoff football is my favorite sporting event and all the teams should be fun to watch as the final four face off for a chance in Super Bowl 50!

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