Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sports: NFL (AFC Championship)

A matchup of the titans in the professional football gave us a great game that came down to the wire but in the end the Denver Broncos triumphed. 
Bill Belicheck, the head coach of the Patriots, warned that many of his players would be injured but most of them were able to play. The Broncos got off to a fast start after stopping the Patriots opening drive. Peyton Manning managed to throw a touchdown and take the lead that the Broncos would never relent for the rest of the game. 

The Patriots managed to respond but showed they were having trouble containing the Broncos constant blitzing. Tom Brady continuously got attacked in the pocket and though he was able to pull off some miraculous passes every once in a while, it wasn't enough to compete with Manning and the Broncos. Another hint of weakness was the missed extra point on the Patriots first touchdown. This would really come back to haunt them in the final seconds.

The Broncos were in control at the start of the second half and the Patriots made an effort to come back but Denver contained them through most of the third.

The fourth quarter was were much of the breathtaking action took place. Brady had several chances to drive down the field but each time the Broncos defense stopped him until the two minute warning. Brady drove down and found Gronkowski for a touchdown. The Patriot were still down by two because of the seemingly unimportant missed extra point. They had to go for two, and it didn't work out. The onside kick also failed and the Broncos are going on to Super Bowl 50!

I'm excited to see the Denver Broncos take on whoever they will face from the NFC Championship! Their defense looks strong and Peyton Manning shined on offense. It will be a great matchup and I look forward to it on Sunday, February 7th!

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