Sunday, January 31, 2016

NCAA Men's Basketball: January 2016

So like my NBA post, my NCAAM post will be a bit of a rehash of what happened this month and focusing on the top ranked teams. I know a bit more about college basketball since I have been hanging out in Big Blue Nation for the last two years and picked up some knowledge, though I have a Kentucky Wildcats bias. I'll try to look at which teams are succeeding and venture some thoughts on the upcoming March Madness.

Two teams lead the polls but I'll stick with the AP Top 25 as my main source but won't discount the USA Today Coaches poll. In the AP, the Oklahoma Sooners are at the top for now. I am aware that the new rankings will come out tomorrow so my timing is a bit off but at the end of the month the Sooners are at the top followed closely by the North Carolina Tar Heels.
This weekend was exciting because the Big 12, the conference wiht several top 25 teams including the Sooners, the 4 Kansas Jayhawks, the 9 West Virginia Mountaineers, and the 17 Baylor Bears, faced off against the SEC, conference of the 20 Wildcats, the 5 Texas A&M Aggies, the LSU Tigers, the Florida Gators, and Georgia Bulldogs. Many of these games were fulling of excitement with teams narrowly avoiding upsets and showing just how competitive and unpredictable college basketball can be. 

I'm sticking with the Top 25 for now but I want to analyze each conference at a later date. Continuing down the list Iowa out of the Big Ten holds the 3 spot, Villanova is at 6, Xavier, Maryland and Providence round out the top ten with the aforementioned SEC and Big 12 teams. With the wild nature of the tournament, I would be a fool to think any of these teams will make it to the championship but the odds favor one of them.

This season has been full of surprises with the former champions, the Duke Blue Devils, down at 24 and dominant teams of the past like Kentucky and UConn struggling to stay ranked. The season goes until the first week of March when the conference tournaments begin so I will try to stay updated and post about it. I love March Madness basketball and will post a lot of predictions and analysis when that gets underway!

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