Saturday, January 9, 2016

Movie Review: The Revenant

The powerful story of Hugh Glass's survival in the wilderness based on Michale Punke's book of the same name was depicted beautifully by the genius director Alejandro Inarritu and the cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki. Leonardo Dicaprio does a convincing job as the tracker who fell in love with a native woman and struggles to survive. Tom Hardy does exceptionally well as the villain of this picture topping off a great year of performances. Domhnall Gleeson and other supporting actors also do a great job.

The shots are so beautiful with plenty of panoramic images of the dazzling white wilderness. This movie drives home the idea that the natural world is harsh and unforgiving. Any moment when a character achieves sympathy from the viewer, they are immediately faced with dangerous circumstances and often don't get it out alive. Dicaprio's character Glass goes through an especially harsh time with a brutal attack from a bear that continues on even after the uncomfortable level has passed. The director did a great job showing Glass's recovery while still escaping from a war party of Native Americans.

The action ebbs and flows but the plot continues to build throughout and has a great climax that is filled with blood and tension. Inarritu is a master filmmaker and I have enjoyed his work since I saw Amores Perros and 21 Grams. I really like the way he tells a story and was glad he won the Academy Award last year.

Some critics have criticized this film but I thought it showed depth and was a moving piece of cinema. It entertained and was gripping emotionally. I am looking forward to seeing what Inarritu plans to do next. I think Dicaprio's performance was brilliant but I'm not sure it stands out in a great year of performances. Tom Hardy's villainous Fitzgerald was ruthless but a great character performed by an expert actor. This movie gets an eight out of ten from me!

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