Sunday, January 31, 2016

Movie Review: The Finest Hours

Disney's Coast Guard rescue thriller kept the pacing accelerated through the first part but suffered from a slow ending. The Finest Hours was divided up into several stories that intertwined between rescuers, lovers and the sailors at risk. 

The beginning focused on the love story between Bernie Webber played by Chris Pine and Miriam Webber played by Holliday Grainger. They met after talking on the phone for a while so there was some interesting chemistry, and director Craig Gillespie did a good job quickly establishing their romance. 

The plot rapidly moves to the storm that threatened the crew  of the T-2 tanker with Casey Affleck's Ray Sybert taking the lead. The whole crew was staffed with good actors like John Ortiz, Graham McTavish, and Josh Stewart. The acting was pretty superb throughout this movie. Eric Bana was the Coast Guard chief and brought some depth with a Souther accent. Rachel Brosnahan who had a great role in House of Cards also pops up near the end. Ben Foster was part of the crew and he delivers a good performance as usual.

The really breathtaking part of this movie were the crashing waves and the great effects. I especially enjoyed watching this movie on the XD screen of my local Cinemark Theater as the boat rode down on the waves. Director Gillespie kept the tension high through the first part of the rescue and the only thing I can think as to why this movie didn't get great reviews was the slow ending. I think the mixed advertising between romance and action movie plus the January release led to the weak box office weekend but maybe people will catch it on rental since it's worth the watch.

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