Sunday, January 17, 2016

Movie Review: Carol

I'm at a loss with this movie. I went to the late showing last night, which was a mistake because this drama about two lovers persecuted by ignorance and misogyny will exploit any fatigue you have and try desperately to put you to sleep. I struggle through nearly two hours of this movie and eventually gave up and left figuring that not much else would happen as nothing did happen throughout the entire first three quarters. I went and read some spoiler discussion on it on a clickbait website to find that I didn't miss much.

Don't get me wrong, these actresses are at the top of their game with strong performances by both lead Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. It's the script that seems dull to me. The drama and romance appear so distant and tension so boring that it was nearly impossible to get close to these characters and care. 

It's just a matter of feeling sorry for a wealthy woman who often comes off as spoiled when others went through this same terrible discrimination during this time period but also had to deal with the travails of poverty or abuse. I just want to know if this is the story that feels as necessary as so many others that too frequently get ignored. As the Oscars once again reveal that they only nominate actors and actresses of a certain skin tone, this should be a question filmmakers ask themselves when choosing their next scripts.

The set design was impeccable but as the plot dragged along it was nearly impossible to keep my eyes open as they trudged from scene to scene. This is the kind of movie that is so boring, I was tired the next day just from thinking about it. 

Kyle Chandler and Sarah Paulson had some decent supporting roles but even the dramatic sequences just fell flat because none of the characters had a depth of feeling that requires a viewer to care for them. 

I understand some of the nominations but this movie came as such a shock to me. Spotlight had a slow pace but the tension was there. This movie had no redeeming qualities in my opinion and I will have to rate it rather low. I expect this movie may do well in some other award categories, but it was a disappointment to me. Three out of ten stars.

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