Saturday, January 30, 2016

Movie Review: Anomalisa

This isn't the first time I've found some of Charlie Kaufman's brilliant writing a dull affair. I came into Anomalisa with the promise of a human story told with animation. I found this movie to be pretty slow and boring. Not much happens like life, but also the story hardly goes anywhere that I found worth exploring or thinking about later.

I'd heard this movie started out as a radio play and I ran with the fact that most of the voices are done by the same actor, male and female characters all share the voice of Tom Noonan. This was a bit odd but I was willing to look past it and follow the plight of Michael Stone voiced by David Thewlis. He's miserable and lonely as he lands in Cincinnati to deliver a speech on customer service.

The main plot surrounds a romantic encounter between Michael and a scarred woman named Lisa voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh. There are some interesting scenes and the romance seems cute but I found it quite slow and grueling to sit through. 

Overall, there isn't much to say about this movie and it's short. The animation was spectacular and used in creative ways. I like Kaufman's work but this isn't one of my favorites. 

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