Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Movie Review: The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave is a decent sci-fi thriller with Chloe Grace Moretz leading the way in the fight against the alien invasion. There were some good parts but also some over the top awfulness that gained a few eye rolls and sighs. 

There isn't much to the plot. Moretz's character Cassie Sullivan survives the first few waves of the invasion pretty easily and the filmmakers wasted the talents of Maggie Siff and Ron Livingston as Cassie's parents. The special effects were good enough. We are spoiled in 2016 when even the throwaway YA ripoff that is scrounging for money can throw some decent explosion and destruction our way.

The story takes an odd twist splitting up between Cassie and her younger brother Sam played by Zackary Arthur. He is drafted in the military under the harsh command of adult characters played by Maria Bello and Liev Schreiber. In a strange force of the plot, they push young kids into squads and Sam's squad is led by Zombie played by Nick Robinson of Jurassic World fame. This is the first of Cassie's romantic interests.

The story really gets lost in the romantic subplot between Moretz and Alex Roe's Evan Walker. Explanations come fast and rushed like most movies based on books and the acting was inconsistent with some really weak parts. I was surprised at Maika Monroe from It Follows delivering such a weak performance as a rough and tumble soldier in the squadron.

The story wasn't all bad, and I found some good parts to enjoy to not feel like I totally wasted my money going to see this in theaters. They did set it up for a sequel but with weak box office numbers, I'm not sure how that will happen. I look forward to these young actors maturing and becoming the new Hollywood elite, or crazy.

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