Saturday, January 2, 2016

Graphic Novel Review: Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire.

A friend recently lent me this extraordinary series of graphic novels called Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire. I started to read this series and could not put it down all the way to the fitting and moving ending. This story is nonstop entertainment, brutal, raw, and a great journey to take. This series shows the how graphic novels are such a great form of literature. It would be hard to say this is not up there with some of my favorite post-apocalyptic stories.

Gus is a hybrid boy and deer who has been raised sheltered in a cabin his entire life and taught fear by his delusional and religious father. The reader quickly learns that the world has ended and all that is left are survivors of an awful plague. This scenario is very familiar but with unique artwork and an engaging story Lemire continues to push the envelope of this popular genre.

Gus soon meets Jepperd, a frightening character at first but one of the most powerful in the book. He is constantly fight and lives very violently but it is obvious this is the only way to survive. Jepperd's story is one of redemption and it comes to a gripping and emotional conclusion six books later. There are plenty of twists involving his character and though he does some controversial things, I could not help but find myself rooting through him throughout every gut-wrenching twist.

There are a whole cast of characters; some good, some evil, some trustworthy, some nefarious. One of my favorite is the gopher hybrid Bobby who has a hilarious way of speaking since he never learned to conjugate the "to be" verb. 

Another great character is the evil Abbott who chases down Gus using other hybrids as bait and attackers. Gus has a interesting story and works with a deranged scientist named Singh who also has good and bad qualities. The great part about this story is that there is not clear cut good and bad though Gus is a standard bearer, even he too has questionable actions in this harsh world. The book is unforgiving but not so cruel and when characters die, it feels as if Lemire really thought it through and did not just go for gore and shock value. 

This story also has a great mystery and is a short but sweet read with only six collections that are not to difficult to devour in half a lazy day. It comes to a great conclusion that makes it well worth the read and fulfills its promise that it started with at the beginning coming back full circle in an extremely satisfying fashion. For readers of graphic novels or for those who are curious about the medium, I would highly recommend this series. This is a story! 

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