Monday, January 18, 2016

Democratic Presidential Debate #4

The final debate before the Iowa Primary pushes the candidates to throw punches at one another. The polls have tightened and Bernie Sanders's supporters have raised his poll numbers, which according to the email I get from Hillary Clinton's campaign have frightened her supporters. Martin O'Malley is hanging around for his VP spot.

The hosts brought up issues from gun control and police brutality to healthcare and foreign policy. This debate did not have a focus as the last ones had seeking to give voters a picture of all the issues and the candidates position before voters head out to caucus or whatever. 

O'Malley continues to interject and complain hoping that if he whines enough he can get more airtime when his polls simply do not show much support. He takes away from the two primary candidates and appears weak and overly hostile for his lack of attention.

Hillary sought to tie herself to her experience with President Obama and show Bernie as a man that would undo all of Barack's accomplishments. She seems to willfully  lie and smear Sanders's positions almost to the point of absurdity.

Bernie can do nothing but scoff and explain his position more clearly so that the voters  aren't fooled but I'm not sure if this reasonable approach will work with voters that use their guts more than their brains. He also tries to appeal to the anger in the country promising a revolution and announcing all sorts of actions that would help the American people. I think his greatest moment of weakness is when he had to admit that he would raise taxes on the middle class but countered that quickly with the promise of savings thanks to all sorts of government programs he would initiate. 

Clinton has a tough and surprising challenge on her hands with the Sanders campaign surging. She can't wait for the vote to come, and frankly neither can I. It will be so interesting to see some results from all this bickering and speeches and debates over the last year. Only two weeks left before Iowa goes to the polls to make their decision and gives one candidate momentum they could use to pull ahead!

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