Monday, January 11, 2016

Sports: College Football National Championship

The College Football season comes to an end with a great battle between the undefeated Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Both teams showed their impressive talent but in the end, Alabama claimed victory by five points. 
The Tiger responded at nearly every moment but had no answer when Alabama caught an onside kick and outscored their opponent 24-16 in the final game. Clemson did not give up but eventually they ran out of time and when it was their chance to catch an onside kick, the bounce went out of bounds. It was a high scoring game but the South Carolina college could not overpower their southern competitor.

This win by Alabama contributes to the notion that the SEC is the best conference in the College Football league. Bama is certainly the strongest team in the College Football and has always put up a strong fight. Their loss last year to Ohio State was surprising and it would have been interesting to see a matchup but Michigan State represented the Big 10 conference this year.

Overall, I am at least glad there were some good games but I would like more variety in my winners since Alabama has been National Champions for several years now, I have a personal loathing for the southern team. 

Now that college football has come to an end I will turn my attention to college basketball. A lot of exciting stuff is happening with Kansas and Oklahoma in the top two slots and Maryland, Michigan State, and North Carolina rounding out the top five. I hope to write monthly posts until we get a bit closer to the March Madness tournament, where I will post every round. Another exciting year of college football concludes! I can't wait until next year!

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