Thursday, January 7, 2016

Beer Review: Best Damn Root Beer Review

Best Damn Root Beer from Best Damn Brewing Company is the worst damn root beer I've tasted in a while. I was excited to get something that tasted like root beer but was still alcoholic. I'm always looking for a great tasting beverage. I am almost afraid this beer has ruined my taste for root beer if root beer wasn't so damn delicious. 

This kind of beer is something you drink and you just keep drinking because you can't believe something would taste this bad. I was so disappointed when I came home for some delicious chicken fajitas and found these sweet tasting brew having a very odd aftertaste. Now, I'm not experienced with these soda brews but this will turn me off of them for a while. 

With a low 5.5% abv, this beer will take three or four to feel any effects, but it is hard to get that far with these bottles. I had to buy spicy Cheetos just to drive the desire to drink these brews. I was so excited to have something sweet tasting and that may contribute to my disappointment. I don't even want to know what the hangover is going to feel like.

I've been training at a great bartending school so I wanted to take this time to announce that soon I will be rolling out some awesome new liquor drink reviews. I hope to find more tasty drinks than this one. 

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