Monday, December 14, 2015

Movie Review: Star Wars: Episode 3- Revenge of the Sith

The third episode of the prequel trilogy is some of the best moments in the Star Wars saga. The descent of Anakin Skywalker to the dark side is full of lightsaber fights and space battles. The special effects are amazing and so pleasing to watch. I remember when I caught this one in the theater enjoying it all the way through. Though there are some strange plot holes, if I don't think too much they won't bother me.

This episode begins with everything that Star Wars is about. A space battle that leads to a boarding of an enemy ship that turns into a lightsaber battle against Count Dooku. Christopher reprises his role for a short bit. Everyone seems more comfortable in their roles from Hayden Christensen to Ewan McGregor to Samuel Jackson to Ian McDiarmid who finally exposes himself as the evil Emperor Palpatine. With all the actors doing such a stellar job, the emotional core opens up like a sliding door on a spaceship.

The culmination of two slower episodes provides action-packed battles through out as the Clone Wars reach their zenith as well. General Grievous is a wheezing battle droid that has four arms and is trained to fight with lightsabers so that means four lightsabers against Obi-Wan, awesomeness ensues. All the battles scenes are intense and fun to watch. 

When Anakin finally crosses over in a great scene with Mace Windu, Samuel L. Jackson's Jedi character, the real sad parts occur. Jedis are turned on by their own soldiers and Anakin proceeds to destroy the remaining younglings in the temple. All of this leads to an awesome battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and now Darth Vader that proceeds simultaneously with a fight between Yoda and the Emperor. The lava planet of Mustafar is a great setting for the two glowing blue lightsabers to stick out against the red hot magma. 

All the mysteries are filled in and by the end with a moving emotional dialogue from Ewan McGregor we finally see how all was set in motion for the original trilogy. This film is so great that it makes the prequel trilogy totally worthwhile for me. I hope the new trilogy can capture this magic as well!

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