Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Republican Presidential Debate #5

This debate focused on the threat overseas after terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California and Paris, France shifted the focus. Several match ups are going on and the candidates each got a chance to throw zingers at one another. CNN did a good job framing these questions, though overall it was sort of a snoozefest for the modern voter.

The first battle was Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush. Bush's campaign is ailing so he naturally wants to attack the frontrunner to gain some attention. I don't think he helped himself much appearing a bit unsure and stumbling. Trump just insulted and stuck his tongue out and this seems to win over enough of the crowd to keep him at the top of the polls. Bush wanted to fight back against Trump's absurdist strategy but it's hard to see Trump losing out against Bush as the former president younger brother's campaign implodes. Bush will stick it out but won't win many, if any, primaries.

The next battle was Ted Cruz vs. Marco Rubio. They fought each other for the position that will take over once the sideshow of Trump subsides. Cruz shouldn't be doing as well as he is but he seems reasonable with the insanity going on around this campaign. Rubio has a better chance but got shut down and looked a bit flimsy when challenged. This was Rubio chance to move ahead in the Iowa Primary polls but I think Cruz will win out. Cruz fought back on Rubio's immigration policy and Rubio was not ready with a response. I do think if Ted Cruz wins then Hilary Clinton would mop the floor with his campaign. 

Another debate fight was Rand Paul vs. Chris Christie. Hard to see Christie holding it out for much longer, or Paul for that matter, but they debated whether to invade or stay at home. Paul is one of the few who takes a more cautious approach to invasion but he doesn't get enough attention grabbing lines or enough poll traction to get any free media coverage. Paul must have stacked the crowd because his applause lines were louder. 

Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and others are fizzing out and it would be hard to see many of them keep it up through the first month of 2016. The frontrunners are established and I don't see and seismic shifts to put any of these low polling candidates up at the top. 

Writing about politics has been dull since I'm not really buying into this whole Trump circus and the nonsense promised by candidates. I think it will get better as the elections begin. I'll only post once more about the Democratic debate, probably the day after, then I'll let it go over the holidays and be back in January when I think even more debates will happen. Some actual election results will determine who can back up all this blustering!

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