Monday, December 14, 2015

NFL Week 14

I was happy to see that my two favorite teams would be on television this Sunday so I sat down to catch both the Bengals host the Steelers and the Falcons visit the Panthers. About first quarter, I was done watching football. The Falcons had already given up three touchdowns to their undefeated divisional rivals and the Bengals's quarterback Andy Dalton is out for a while with a thumb injury. So much for both of their seasons, I am not looking forward to another Bengals's playoff choke.

Elsewhere around the league, the New England Patriots clinched a playoff birth with a win over the Houston Texans. 
The Colts got smashed by the Jaguars so both teams at the top of AFC South have losing records. Next week they face off to determine who will take the lead. The Broncos also lost to the Oakland Raiders so at least the Bengals are still second in the conference. Currently the Chiefs and Jets are Wild Card eligible but the Steelers are also tied so the last three weeks will be exciting for these teams. 

In the NFC, the Packers continue to win so they have taken third place and the lead in the NFC North over the Viking who lost to the second place in the conference Arizona Cardinals. Vikings are still in the wild card now accompanied by the Seahawks who beat the Ravens. If the Giants hold out tonight, there will remain a three way tie in the NFC East between New York, Washington, and Philadelphia. 

Three more weeks and we'll know who is in and who didn't make the cut. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep doing this assessment without express written consent but with fantasy football being considered as gambling and Will Smith's Concussion movie dropping around Xmas, I hope the NFL have bigger fish to fry. I just like talking about football since it's such an entertaining sport and sports blogs shouldn't be something that gets shut down here in a free country. 

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