Monday, December 7, 2015

NFL Week 13

The thirteenth week of the professional football season and the Carolina Panthers still have an undefeated season despite a slight challenge from the New Orleans Saints. They only have a few games left and have already clinched the NFC South division. They have to face my poor Atlanta Falcons two more times, who can only hope to be spoilers at this point. Their loss to the Bucs this week was a real crushing blow, another nail in this season that looked so hopeful.
In other NFC news, the North division has had a switch in leadership with the Packers taking back the top spot after the Viking fell to an improving Seattle Seahawks. Green Bay's heart-wrenching win on Thursday night has really paid off. 
The second spot overall in the NFC and fighting to keep the bye week in the NFL playoffs are the Arizona Cardinals in the West. With Viking, Packers, and surging Seahawks still left in their schedule, it won't be smooth sailing but the Cards have more than proved themselves dispatching the Rams this week.
The most interesting division and still to be decided is the NFC East with a three way tie of 5-7 team records for the lead. Giants, Redskin, and Eagles all have a chance to take it in these last few weeks. The Cowboys aren't totally out of it with a 4-8 record and win tonight. 

Over to the AFC, where things are shaping up for an exciting finale. The Patriots took another loss so now there is a three way tie for the top spot in the conference. The Bengals and the Broncos also only have two losses. Each team holds a respective lead over their division. 

The Jets, Steelers, and Chiefs all have a chance at the wild card slot and none of their schedules are very easy. The Chiefs look like they have it the easiest but they have been known to choke in the later rounds in recent seasons.

The AFC South still has a battle from two teams that loss this week, the Texans and the Colts. They will face each other in two weeks and that might be the deciding game but it won't be easy for these two struggling teams.

The playoff picture starts to form and it will be a great end to the season!

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