Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Movie Review: Spotlight

Despite the quality of this film, the disturbingly tragic topic makes this film hard to watch. The ensemble cast is brilliant and the pacing kept a somewhat complicated and slow story very interesting. It's hard to make people talking on the phone and collating data exciting but Tom McCarthy pulled it off though he usual fare is comedy. This is one of the best films of the year and an important one.

In a crowded film, Mark Ruffalo stood out as Mike Rezendes, the intrepid reporter who hassled the lawyer of several abuse victims Mitchell Garabedian played by a somber Stanley Tucci. Ruffalo did a great job getting into character and distancing himself from his more popular role as the Incredible Hulk. A speech he gives at the end is one of the most moving in the film. 

Michael Keaton as delivered a strong performance as the conflicted Boston native Walter Robinson. He didn't match his award snubbed performance in Birdman but he nailed the Boston accent and the emotional turmoil the investigation caused. 

Rachel McAdams had multiple powerful scenes interviewing the victims and a priest. Some of the saddest and most gripping scenes were her interactions and she carried those scenes like the veteran actress she is. 

Liev Schreiber had a subtle performance as the new editor who gets the ball rolling on this investigation. Though he didn't much screen time, he did a great job.

Movies like this should be made more often. It deals with a tough issue and displays it so succinctly and with finesse so as not to leave the viewer so bored and bury the lead of the difficult topic of the Catholic church systematically covering up the abuse of children throughout Boston and the world. This movie will be on my top ten list. 

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