Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Movie Review: Sisters

Honestly, I went to this movie thinking that it would be funny but then walked out about fifteen minutes into it. Tina Fey appeared to be phoning her whole performance in and though Amy Poehler looked like she was trying, the end result were forced jokes. The comedy was so immature that I wondered seriously about the other audience members who found the juvenile humor so hilarious.

The positioning of this movie next to Star Wars was a brilliant move. As many woman eschew the science fiction flick, Sisters seems like the ideal chick flick to check out during this long and lonely holiday week. It felt like the producers knew they had money in the bank so they took this movie off as long as they came up with some sort of product to throw up on the screen for the popcorn munching masses. 

Paula Pell had some SNL and 30 Rock writing credentials but this appears to be one of her first major motion picture screenplays. I often think during comedy movies, the director just lets the actors improv most of the scenes and they shoot it until it seems funny to them, this can't be an easy job with the variances of humor in society. I didn't find much funny and actually heard Poehler's character insist that we should find the antics of Fey's character amusing. 

It does seem ironic that such a female empowered movie still had a male director, Jason Moore, who has another successful feminine movie, Pitch Perfect under his belt. Perhaps a sign that though the movies look different the interior is still much the same and will hopefully be the source of the more pertinent changes in major films. 

This movie should do well financial but I honestly think Star Wars will send a better message. I also wonder if Tina Fey did this to get support for her other project, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, which looks so much better, funnier, more entertaining, and about an important issue. 

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