Thursday, December 3, 2015

Movie Review: Krampus

The horror/comedy genre is a tough line to walk and with the especially difficult task of making this a holiday movie, did not lighten the load for director Michael Dougherty (Trick 'r Treat), but what he pulled off was very entertaining, fun, and sort of safe.

While I usually like my horror a bit on the more consequential and gory side, I thought the lack of violence was not too distracting and the kiddy special effects didn't dull the horror to such an extent that I was completely out of the film. The Krampus character itself was cool, though the face reveal was lacking, an early scene where it hops from roof to roof was certainly cool to watch.

The Xmas message felt a bit force and that kiddy quality was probably the worst part, though no fault can be lain on Emjay Anthony (Insurgent, Chef) who did well carrying the parts that force him to the center.

Adam Scott, Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec, did a decent job as the father. Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense) was also passable as the dutiful, decorating housewife and mother. Alison Tolman, the great Molly Solverson in Farg, had some cool scenes of character changing bravery, but all for naught. I would like to see Ms. Tolman in more films since I great enjoyed her in the hit FX series. The alway funny David Koechener (Anchorman) had an amusing role as the trailer park dad.

There were a few rushed emotion but a cool animated tale in the middle elevated the story for me. This movie might not be one of the most popular but it was entertaining. The ending was worrying but I think they pulled it off eventually. I'm pleased that I got to see it on the big screen since it will be shuffled out of the theater quickly when the heavy hitters drop this holiday season.

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