Monday, December 7, 2015

Music: Grammy Nominations 2016: Best Album

So I was going to hold off on music reviews until next year but since some of my favorite albums got nominated this year, I thought I would put my foot in and test the water. Usually I don't catch music until much later, it's just so hard to keep up to date, but I always enjoy the grammy awards.

First up is Taylor Swift's 1989. The album has plenty of catchy songs that have dominated the radio waves this year but I hardly think Shake It Off will be on the winning album. I also think the negativity of Bad Blood should count against her. Still songs like Blank Space and Welcome to New York have earned it the nomination.

Also featured on a Bad Blood remix and another best album nominee is Kendrick Lamar for To Pimp a Butterfly. I liked Kendrick's verses on several of the songs but overall, I thought this album was weaker than his last. I can't see this one taking the trophy though it should definitely win best rap album. Songs like Alright, I, and King Kunta have great verses and memorable beats.

The second Album I knew nothing about is Traveller, a country album by Chris Stapleton. I don't listen to country music but this album could take home the award. I bought my first country album to check it out and it has won me over to the genre and the artist. Stapleton is an extraordinary talent that deserves recognition as he had been in the business for a long time. He has humor and depth of personality that come through on great songs like Tennessee Whiskey, Nobody to Blame, and Might as Well Get Stoned. A great album deserving of the nomination and win. 

I just bought this album when I heard it got nominated. I enjoyed several of the songs off their old album so I thought this would be sure thing to enjoy. After listening through, I'm impressed with several of the catchy fun alternative songs like Sound and Color, Don't Wanna Fight, and Shoegaze. This album is impressive but I wouldn't pick it as the winner.

Finally, what I believe is the best album of 2015, The Weeknd's Beauty Behind the Madness. I have enjoyed almost every song off this sensual album and he also throws a few pop heavy hits that have clobbered the radio waves right next to Taylor Swift. I will be highly disappointed if this album does not pull through and win the award. 

We'll have to see on February 15, 2016 who the winner will be!

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