Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sports: College Football (Week 14 - Championship Weekend)

The regular season is truly over now and the teams for the playoffs have been decided. The only one that I thought was a real tossup was the Big Ten Championship. I just didn't see Iowa getting into the playoffs. Their schedule just wasn't tough enough. They put up a good fight against Michigan State but in the end it went to the Spartans, who will most likely take the fourth spot in the tournament.

Oklahoma, the clear Big 12 champ, should take over the third spot, which means they face the SEC champ, Alabama Crimson Tide. I think Alabama will take this competition just on conference strength, though that loss to Ole Miss early in the season certainly shows the weakness in Nick Saban's team. The collapse of the top Big 12 teams, Baylor and TCU, makes me think this conference was a bit overrated but I would be pleasantly surprised if the Sooners won and went to the National Championship.
The other matchup is a curious one. If Iowa had gone, I would've thought Clemson would take it, no problem, but with Michigan State going up against the Tigers, it should be a good match. I also have the sneaking suspicion that these two teams will battle so hard and leave whoever wins too tired for the big game. I predict Michigan State but if Clemson, my doubt about them will cease. I have doubted them all year, possibly unfairly so. 


It has been an interesting season that came off a bit too clean for the selection committee but this only proves their method works so far. There is no team who can claim controversy for being left out. The match ups may not go as I predicted but I'm pretty sure this is how it will work out. 

I would like to reiterate that all these players should be further compensated for their effort on the field and entertaining the heck out of me and millions of other viewers! 

Edit: Looks like I was wrong and Michigan State is ranked third and will play number two Alabama, while Oklahoma at four will face off against Clemson. Should be interesting!

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