Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sports: College Football Playoff

After getting the set up wrong on the last post but picking the strongest two teams, I'm glad that it's down to two teams. I have been analyzing and predicting this game all year long so it's also exciting to finally be here. 

The Orange Bowl was first with the Clemson Tigers taking out the Oklahoma Sooners with a strong defensive performance. The Sooners were taken off guard since they had not faced any team with a starting quarterback that was competitive. The Clemson defense was strong and shot down an aggressive Oklahoma run game. The Tigers will be a tough defensive challenge in the Championship game.

The Cotton Bowl showed promise as a more interesting game but the Alabama Crimson Tide won the first half and dominated the third quarter against the Michigan State Spartans. I didn't even stick around to see the fourth quarter of this route since Alabama wouldn't even let them score. I'm picking the Crimson Tide to take the Championship game but I have been underestimating Clemson all year so I hope that I'm wrong. 
This ACC vs. SEC matchup contains the best two division in this league and the best two teams. I hope more that this turns out to be a competitive match and not so one sided. It will be interesting to see who takes home the trophy on Monday, January 11, 2016.

Happy New Year!

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