Sunday, December 13, 2015

Book Review: Star Wars- The Perfect Weapon by Delilah S. Dawson

I picked up one more Star Wars new canon book before The Force Awakens comes out. This sort of sticks with my Star Wars theme of the week. I was pleasantly surprised that this was about Bazine, a character that has been revealed in promotional photos for the new movie.

Bazine is an assassin or bounty hunter and her mission this time is to find a case. I like that when I see the new movie, I'll know more about the history of this one particular character, who looks pretty badass in her photos. Dawson does a good job of giving her past and explaining her exceptional skills while still moving the mysterious plot forward.

I look forward to seeing the new world that the Star Wars universe has evolved into after the events of the Return of the Jedi. This novella gives a brief glimpse but I thought it called back many of the old books I'd read in the previous canon. The universe is seedy but Bazine is right at home in dive bars and shady motel rooms. I felt like Dawson controlled the language well and didn't at too much confusion while also entrenching me in the Star Wars universe.

There were some very cool giant insects late in this short book and the extra creatures didn't feel so bizarre for this type of space opera science fiction. Bazine was a very smooth operator. The author did a good job with her characterization though I thought her flirtations with Orri, another trainee in the school Bazine was raised in, didn't totally fit the cold-bloodedness that was described. Kloda, the trainer who raised Bazine, was cool though and I like pirate atmosphere that describes a lawless universe of blaster rifles and space travel. 

Overall I'm more please with this short book than the previous canon addition I read and it gets me even more exciting for the release this weekend! 

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