Saturday, December 5, 2015

Book Review: Star Wars Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

Published by Del Rey

I don't normally read books that are tie-ins since they seem to be glorified fan fiction but I was excited to get a glimpse into the new universe of Star Wars since they decided to delete all of the old books and create an original canon. I used to read some of the old Star Wars books as a kid and was especially fond of the X-Wing Rogue Squadron series so the addition of Wedge Antilles was intriguing to me.

Unfortunately, the start of Chuck Wendig's trilogy did not work very well at all. I understand how incredibly difficult it is to step into the shoes of giants and take over a universe and I would think with his experience, it would have been a greater effort. I haven't read some of his other work though I think he treads more in the YA genre as this book seems to indicate.

I wanted to enjoy this book and some of the action scenes were interesting but more because of the greatness of Star Wars with speeders and TIE fighters and not the prose. The characters were weak and many of their names were similar enough to be confusing. Having a villainous character named Rae when Rey is the name of the main character in the newest film was a really poor choice.

There were interludes that I kept hoping were leading to something but they didn't quite pan out in this first book and I doubt I will pick up a sequel though I expect he may get better as he gets more comfortable with writing in the universe. 

I hope this is not an indication of where the films are going and just a matter of one book. I thought I could get back into Star Wars fiction but it will be a long time before a pick up another one. I gave this one a chance all the way through but too many repeated false deaths and silly dialogue. Some of the similes seemed too earthly for a Star Wars book and the present tense writing was distracting. I wish it had been better as I support the expansion but I'm unimpressed, sadly. 

Three out of ten stars...

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