Saturday, December 26, 2015

Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

I've seen a few movies this year, but none have I enjoyed more than the fourth movie in the Mad Max saga. This movie has nearly nonstop action, some of the best chase scenes in movie history, memorable villains, and great protagonists.

Replacing Mel Gibson in the titular role is Tom Hardy who delivers a great performance though he hardly had to utter more than a few words throughout the performance. Max starts out with his same car but is quickly captured by the crazed cult of warboys, half-life humans who are dying from bad, giant tumors that are possibly a result of the radiation on this desolate post-apocalyptic landscape. Hardy plays a great reluctant hero and should be commended alongside his stuntman for pulling of such extraordinary action sequences.

The other great protagonist is Charlize Theron as the Imperator Furiosa. Her decision to rescue the concubines of the evil warlord is what sets off the amazing chase sequences that pretty much take up the entire film. Theron gives the one-armed action heroine a conflicted personality that only a veteran actress could pull off while speeding along in a converted truck war-rig. She really takes the lead role, and her iconic performance will be remembered for years to come.

My favorite villain of the year was Immortan Joe played by Hugh Keays-Byrne. The white-haired, white-skinned masked warlord stole every scene he was on screen and should definitely get the makeup artist considered when it comes to awards. This would be the best Halloween costume. It is often a testament to how great a hero is when they have to take on such a strong villain and the way Furiosa challenge Joe and Gas Town and Bullet Farm's plethora of enhanced vehicles made this a movie that can be viewed over and over again.

Even the supporting cast was stellar with Nicholas Hoult as the warboy Nux, Rosie Huntington-Whitley as the concubine Splendid, and several other great performance for awesome characters.

Everything about this movie was well done from the stunts and action to the special effects and makeup. I think this is the closest I've come to seeing a movie that was nearly perfect in my opinion. There are still some movies I would like to see this year like Hateful Eight and Revenant but I don't think anything will compare to this spectacular film that is why I am putting it as the best film of 2015. I hope it is recognized for its achievement by the academy of motion pictures. I should be posting a list of my top ten after I see the aforementioned movies.   

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