Monday, December 7, 2015

Beer Review: West Sixth Christmas Ale

The holiday brews continue to come out and West Sixth's addition is a cinnamon blast of festive beer that comes on strong with the first sip. Though the ABV is 9%, this beer sneaks up on the drinker and I would recommend sticking to two or three if you're out at a Xmas party or family gathering. 

The strong taste doesn't go so bad with a variety of food and remains even after a few cans have been recycled. The menagerie of flavors is hard to distinguish but the cinnamon seems to overpower, then maybe nutmeg. This beer nails the festive spirit and goes great near a warm fire to fight against the cold weather of December. 

The sweetness does add up though and in the morning the head of the drinker may be throbbing from a tough hangover if they venture too far down the holiday spirit with this one. 

West Sixth is a great local brewery here in Lexington and I fully support their environmentally conscious canning process. I would recommend all of their beers for a try to any curious drinker!

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