Monday, December 21, 2015

Beer Review: Kentucky IPA

The Kentucky IPA is a nice addition to the Kentucky Ale line from Alltech. The IPA is strong and bitter with a little citrus. The fruity aroma is hard to taste but deep down it's more of a grapefruit than orange. This beer will only take two  to get a warm feeling this winter. At 6.5% percent alcohol volume, it's an interesting fare. I'm a fan of most IPAs and though this one isn't the highest up there, it's strong taste is enjoyable.

This beer taste good warm as well. Cold brings out the bitterness a bit too much. Coming to a new place anywhere in America leads to the opportunity to try new beer and Kentucky Ale has been solid. I have enjoyed their Pumpkin Ale, the original, and the Bourbon Barrel Ale, which I have yet to review but soon will. These ales are usually more potent and this is no exception.

I drank moderately but the hangover is not as vicious as it would be with a sweeter beer. The taste remain even after drinking a few and I could see a drinker growing tired. I look forward to reviewing more beers from this brand!

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